N1960 - Formerly N6030X - 1960 Mooney M20A

Located at Northwest Regional Airport, Texas (52F)
Just north of Fort Worth on I-35W

If I'm flying, track me with one of these:

SPOT (every 10 min satellite uplink)
[N6030X] [N1960] [Angel Flight 1960] (FlightAware FAA radar reports)
(APRS (ham radio ground station network) - Not currently operational)
(More about those networks)

Custom-made Mooney logo leather products

Video of N1960 in the Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh 2015

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Dog Transport Flights
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What I am doing with my Mooney
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How I Became a Mooniac
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I am x feet tall, will I fit into an early Mooney?
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When Engines Go Bad
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History of N1960/N6030X

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Factory Tour Photos

Mooney Aircraft, Kerrville TX
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Yes, there's BIG pleasure in wearing a suit while flying your new Mooney M20A.
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